Inge Weatherhead Breistein is a jazz saxophonist, electronic musician and composer from Bergen, Norway. He works with various kinds of electronic music, jazz and improvisational music, and he often mixes these three together. He is most known for the duo “Tortusa Breistein” together with Norwegian-American electronic musician Tortusa (John Derek Bishop), the norwegian chamber jazz quartet Cirrus and his solo work. He has released music on labels such as Jazzland recordings (with Tortusa/Breisein) NORCD (with Cirrus) and AMP music and records (with Mathisen Breistein)


Inge uses saxophones, the audio program Ableton Live and other various forms of both software and hardware for composition and live performance. For example, analog synths, drum machines, samplers and midi controllers. He likes to explore the saxophone's wide range of sonic possibilities. This both through  the use of "extended techniques" and more traditional melodic playing. In electronic music he likes to use the saxophone both in interaction with the electronic, played through effects and as a source for sampling. 


In 2014 he wrote a electronic-experimental commissioned piece named Ekstraliv for Maijazz (Stavanger international Jazz festival). In 2017 he wrote a commissioned piece together with guitarist Svein Rikard Mathisen for Nattjazz (Bergen international Jazz festival).