Tortusa/Breistein reviews

Tortusa/Breistein – Mind Vessel


  • “The whole album explores the limits of sound design in music ,playing with sampling and recording,the final result is just great.”



  • «A wonderful album to relax and discover. Mastery!» 10/10

          “Ein herrliches album zum entspannen und entdecken. Meisterlich!”  10/10

          Cars10.Becker FAZEmag Germany


  • The  saxaphone  and minimal  house beat are  anything if not strange  bedfellows and how they weave in  and out of odd tonal modes is puzzling  beautiful. Dan (polishdownpour)


  • Maybe this is what traversing trough the nordic woods of Norway sounds like? Magical and dark, but hopeful.


  • “Et slående trekk ved «Mind Vessel» er at disse to musikerne kler hverandre.”  “ I likhet med en rekke andre artister som har søkt seg til spesielle bygg, har Tortusa – Breistein klart å integrere selve romkvaliteten i uttrykkene sine. «Mind Vessel» er et vellykket album.” Arild R. Andersen – Jazz i Norge.


  • Rarely does it get hectic, only in «Corrosion Is A Natural Process» is electronically feverishly knelt here, and the saxophone is knocked out of the quiet path. This moment shows just how versatile this cooperation can be and that it can also sound bright. But you also have to admit that the quiet parts are implemented very well. Very compact and yet played with a light hand. Very exciting!
    • Sel­ten wird es hek­tisch, nur bei „Cor­ro­sion Is A Natu­ral Pro­cess“ wird hier elek­tro­nisch fieb­rig gewer­kelt, und auch das Saxo­phon wird aus der ruhi­gen Bahn gesto­ßen. Die­ser Moment zeigt, wie viel­sei­tig diese Koope­ra­tion sein kann, und dass sie auch auf­ge­weckt klin­gen kön­nen. Man muss aber auch geste­hen, dass die ruhi­gen Parts sehr gut umge­setzt wer­den. Sehr kom­pakt und den­noch mit leich­ter Hand gespielt. Sehr spannend! Hauke Heesch


  • One of the deeper, darker sets we’ve heard from the Jazzland label in recent years – a set that blends the saxophone of Inge Weatherhead Breistein with lots of layered electronics – at a level that takes us back to our favorite records from the early days of the label! Things here are relatively abstract, with the core elements moved into darkly melodic territory that almost feels like a later more mature answer to sonic territory explored by ECM and 4AD in decades past – delivered here also as a statement to the studio talents of Tortusa, who produced the whole record. Titles include «Snow Mold», «Hopes», «Mind Vessel», «Keep Coming Back», «Corrosion Is A Natural Process», and «Ceiling Filled With Water».  © 1996-2018, Dusty Groove, Inc.


  • Mind Vessel which is a collaboration between Tortusa and Breistein, is a fitting followup to the critically acclaimed I Know This Place-The Eivind Aarset Collage. There’s not a weak track on this captivating album of carefully crafted collages where musical genres combine.Tortusa and Breistein combine elements of ambient, avant-garde, electronic, free jazz, improv, jazz, Nordic Wave and minimalist music. These musical genres are weaved by Tortusa and Breistein during Mind Vessel, which is carefully crafted genre-melting album from two musical pioneers that is ambitious and innovative. Derek Anderson